Blogging at 15

Hello all! Today is a very different post because it will explain many things about my blogs, such as the late/lack of uploads, the immaturity of the blogs, any possible spelling and grammar errors (of which I am sure there are many). This because I am going to be talking about my experience so far, as blogging at 15.

When I was 14 I opened up an advice account on Instagram but I kept it anonymous because I did’t want my friends to know as I thought they would judge me for it. Now before you go and say friends would never judge you, you stand proud and do what you love… I was right. I took the account down because of the response from some of my peers but I was disappointed because I missed writing and posting about whatever I wanted and having people DM me for advice.

I constantly joked around in my head about opening up a blog but had the same fear I did when I started my Instagram account. One night I decided to watch some videos on how to start a blog. I couldn’t stop myself, I was obsessed with the idea of owning my own website and although I had no intention of starting one, couldn’t hold back watching video after video of people telling me how to name my blog and how to figure out what category you should put your blog under, etc, etc, etc. I read and researched which website I should open my blog on and long story short… by the end of the night I had a blog. I uploaded my first blog post the day of my birthday and later that day revealed (nervously) to my parents what damage had been done. I was really pleased with their supporting response and quickly decided I wouldn’t risk telling a single sole at school.

I think that lasted a couple weeks, two of my friends know but I didn’t even tell them what it is called so they couldn’t find it.

I continued to post as regularly as I could but spent more time planning and listing possible blog posts then I did writing the actual posts. I tested different days to upload and what would be the easiest to balance with school work but the truth is, none of them are easy. But blogging is something I’m passionate about and I soon realised I would to make the time and turn this into a hobby. Some weeks I wouldn’t be able to upload and people would just have to forgive because to be honest balancing school and homework and exams and dancing is not easy but it has taught me time management, organisation and shown me what my true passion is.

The first thing I noticed about WordPress, and the thing that I love the most about it today, is how welcoming and kind the community is. There are no competitors, only friends and the fact that I can have people who don’t know me personally spending the time to read blog posts like this is still strange to me. But I’m not complaining.

I know this is a very different post but I had some things I wanted to put out there and if you have any question or requests for future blog posts please leave them below!

Much love,

Sophia xx

P.S I will did miss last weeks upload, but trust me I have very exciting things planned for Christmas… possibly blogmas???? 😉

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