Christmas Countdown Day #8 – An Important Message

Hello again! I am back and not going to lie, a little shocked I have made it this far without missing a day considering my track record for uploading! Today’s blog post is going to be a little message I wanted to put out there and something that the older I get, the more relevant it becomes for me to do something about it.

Today I am going to talking about how important I think it is to make donations and help out at different charities at this time of the year.

Any time of the year is a great time to help out, but as you can see in my previous blog posts I am very excited for Christmas. This is because my past Christmas’ have always been filled with generosity, fun and laughter. But, as I am sure you are all aware, this isn’t the case for everyone.

Today I heard a story that really made me realise how much I take for granted and made me make it my personal goal this year to be involved in many more charities and raise awareness for them. The story was about a single Mum who was struggling severely financially. A woman who makes regular donations to charities gifted the Mum’s children some simple toys as a Christmas present. The woman who made the donations then received a video from the single Mum of her son, in tears of joy, all because of a simple water gun.

There are so many different charities you can donate to and they range depending on what city you live in etc, but they are so easy to find so there are no excuses. Hearing stories like that make me feel guilty for any time that I have written a Christmas Wishlist. The thought that while I am opening a present happily and just adding it to the pile while another child my age is starving makes me feel sick just to write about.

When you hear stories like this you think of the two very different Christmas’ that exist that not many people know about. The one that is advertised, and the one that around 3 billion people are experiencing. But there is an upside, and that is that we can do things to help it.

Obviously donations are great and small amounts really add up, but presents can really change how so many people around the world view Christmas.

Due to this whole ramble, I change my Lush Wishlist. All I want for Christmas this year, is for more people to see Christmas as positively as I do. And every single one of you reading this can contribute to this.

I know this post is a lot darker than my other ones and is also one of my infamous rambling posts, but I have been thinking about it a lot recently and it was a posts that I wanted to publish because even if it means one of you decides to go out and buy someone a present then it means everything to me.

I will be back tomorrow with a lighter post, I promise. But until then… please keep this in the back of your head.

Much love,

Sophia xx

6 thoughts on “Christmas Countdown Day #8 – An Important Message

  1. really like the look of your blog, so happy i found you on the community pool. i agree, let’s strive to give back this christmas, all i ever care about it is what i can get from people sometimes. i hope we don’t just give this month but all the other month’s as well. also, i like your categories, they are sooo organized. i’m still figuring out my blog. not entirely happy with the look of it that’s why. check out my emotional new post if you can. it’s about of those days when you just want someone to treat you with a gift or a day out to forget.

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    • your life categories caught my eye and their titles. wanted to comment on them but i can’t so i will do it here.

      determination with passion is really important. im at this stage where i need to pick a path but all i want to do is write. i’m hungry to write but i’m scared for people to read my thoughts thats why not many i know really know blog. i like strangers more because they know nothing about me for some reason i take comfort in that. anyways i hope i will always have time to do what im passionate about no matter what happens in life.

      i also enjoyed reading about your take on being a dancer. thanks for the good stuff to read (:

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      • I’m a strong believer in do what you love! If people don’t accept that then you will find out who isn’t meant to be in your life! You never know till you try… glad you have enjoyed my page x

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