January Favourites

Hello all! Three weeks in and I have been posting every Sunday, if you have been here since last year you know what an accomplishment that is! For todays post, an introduction into February, I wanted to share some of my favourite products during the month of January.  I have tried to include a mixture of beauty, skin, nails, books and other random things so I hope you find this useful. I have also put the link on every heading so feel free to click on that if you would like to shop the product.

Just a disclaimer: quite a few of these products I got as presents from Christmas so you might hear that line a lot. Another disclaimer: as I am from Australia, I will link the websites but I have no guarantee that you can order them if you are from over seas.

Butter Yourself – Soap & Glory

Five fruits super rich smoothing body cream…

I am someone who constantly forgets to moisturise and then when I do I have the feeling of it being sticky and then having to put clothes on top.

I got this delicious cream for Christmas and it soaks into the skin immediately. It also smells absolutely amazing with the five fruits being orange oil, green fig, jungle pomelo essence, peppermint oil & shea butter.

It also comes in such a large tub that despite the fact I have had it since Christmas, I have barely made a dent. This is definitely a brand I will be returning to.

Pink Cheek & Lip Tint – Lipstick Queen

Frog Prince Cream Blush & Lip Tint

I had my eyes on these products for a while after they became viral earlier last year. These beautifully packaged products being green but when you put them on your cheeks or lips they turn a gorgeous shade of pink… science.

The lip tint is the perfect shade that will go with any outfit and you can wear without feeling like you have over done the makeup. The same goes for the cheek tint, a subtle colour that blends easily on the skin and both last a while but also easy to re-apply.

Rose Against Time – OPI

Infinite Shine

I never ever have nice nails. And if I do you can almost guarantee they will be gone as soon as I take the polish off. But for some reason when I wear the nail polish I never take it off so my nails never go bad!

This pretty pink colour goes with so many things and is part of their new formula ‘Infinite Shine 2′. 

I feel that the only downfall to this product is that the layers are quite thin. This can be a good and back thing but the bad part about it is that usually when I use this I may have to do up to three layers so that you get the smooth finish and don’t have the streaks. Other than that I love it.

Not only would I recommend this specific shade but i will definitely be going back to check out some of the other colours they have to offer.

Better Than Sex – Too Faced

Before using this mascara I had heard very mixed reviews about it being to clumpy etc. I will say it is quite a thick mascara but I usually brush out the clumps with a special toothbrush i use just for brushing out mascara clumps and I find it fine (don’t diss it till you try it).

The shape of the applicator makes it very easy to put as close to the eye as possible in order to make your eyelashes look even longer.

I am aware that the size I got is only a sample and at first I was annoyed but I have to say, I prefer it. Not only does it look really cute, it is lasting me a long time and makes it the perfect size to chuck in an already-overflowing makeup bag when travelling.

Curl Control Cream – Moroccanoil

For curly and wavy hair. Controls frizz. Delivers optimal hold. Perfect for all climates

Not many really know the full extent of my curly hair, and neither did I till these holidays when I wasn’t brushing it out for forcing it flat with a straightener. My hair isn’t ringlets or anything but it definitely shortens a couple inches when going from straight to curly. The annoying thing about curly hair is that once it is dry you cannot really brush it out and this can mean it looks knotty or frizzy all the time.

Without sounding like an infomercial – this product delivers all it is hyped up to be. After washing my hair I dry it with a towel, scrunching it up towards my head to ‘encourage’ the curls (I don’t know I heard someone say that once and it seems to work for me). Next I pump a couple squirts of the cream into my finger tips, flip my hair upside down and do the same scrunching motion but with the cream in my hands. This helps to ‘encourage’ the curls as well as mixing in the cream. If you simply rub in through your hair normally that can straighten it or make it heavy.

Whenever I use this product I feel like each curl is defined and styled… lets just say it definitely doesn’t feel that way when I don’t us it.

That is all for now, just a few special products that made the final cut! I hope you enjoyed this blog post and are having a wonderful welcome into February.

Much love,

Sophia xx


Lemon – Aid

Hello again! In my last blog post I mentioned that I decided not to jump on the bandwagon of New Years posts, but I did definitely fall down the worm hall of motivation, health, fitness, organisation, etc. Unfortunately for those around me, it did rub off on me. I have 100% convinced myself that at the end of this year I will look back and be proud of what I have achieved. Mmmm… yeah. We will revisit that later.

Anyway, as I fell down the particular hole of beauty and DIY’s (a very scary place to be) I couldn’t help but notice how often lemon was included in this ‘simple’ diys. This made me interested to check out what the big fuss over lemon was. What I found was quite interesting and so I thought I would share some of my favourite diy’s for hair, skin and health! BTW: I am aware this is quite a strange and random topic, but who doesn’t love a good DIY? Continue reading

Summer in Sydney

Hello again! Long time no talk! After my Christmas Countdown I took a bit of a break but am refreshed, rested, motivated and ready to start the year (three weeks late). I made the decision not to post during the earlier days of this month in order to spare you readers a break from the New Year posts. As much as I love reading them myself, I doubt you all needed me to jump in the bandwagon.

I have spent the majority of these Summer holidays in Sydney and so I thought what better way to start of the year for my blog than to share some of my favourite photos and moments from the holidays! Just a side note (shameless self promo), the majority of these photos can also be found on my Instagram which I have only really recently been using regularly: _thesophiablog_ Continue reading

Christmas Countdown Complete – Merry Christmas!

Hello again! Done! We did it! I lost many hours of sleep, found many new bloggers and only managed to miss two days in total! I would say my first blogmas was a success! It was great to meet so many new people and to get an understanding of what you guys might like to see next year… possibly… who knows!

I just wanted to write this short blogmas post to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! My next post will be in the New Year just so I can have a bit of a break and hit refresh so I am energised and motivated to blog again! Continue reading

Christmas Countdown Day #24 – Preparations for the Big Day!

Welcome back! And welcome to the second last blog post as part of my Christmas Countdown! How exciting! I am fully aware that if you watch any youtube video or read any blog post, all the them start with something along the lines of: I feel like I have blinked and December is vanishing! But I feel as though if any day were deserving of such a sentence, it should be Christmas Eve! Continue reading

Christmas Countdown Day #23 – DIY Last-Minute Presents!

Hello again! I know that there must be at least a couple of you out there who are still missing a couple cheap little knick knacks to add to a stocking or a present and I am here to save the day. These DIY’s don’t only work at Christmas time but can be made to suit birthdays as well! All of these DIY’s can also be altered and edited to suit the gift receiver! Continue reading

Christmas Countdown Day #22 – 25 Facts About Me!

Hello and welcome back! Sorry I didn’t post again last night but I was just way to worn out and I would rather miss a day then quickly half-heartedly throw together a blog post I’m not proud of.

Today’s blog post is 25 facts about me. DISCLAIMER: I am not doing this to talk about myself or try to be self centered, I am simply doing this because I love reading these posts about other people and as I am fairly new to blogging I thought it would be nice for some of you to get to know me better! Continue reading

Christmas Countdown Day #20 – New Years!

I know, I know, we had festive and then now I am skipping forward how dare I. But for this post I thought I share with you all a little bit about New Years and why I am excited for it! Back to Christmas tomorrow again, I promise.

I am 15, so kind of just before the age where New Year’s parties are a thing. This means that I usually spend New Years Eve sitting on the couch with my family watching the 9pm fireworks and then falling asleep not much past 10 (we are an early to bed early to rise family operating family). Don’t get me wrong, I love this thrilling evening as I don’t like change and the idea of being awake while the clock and everything else changes over terrifies me. But this does not mean that the fact that our family has an event to go to this year does make me very excited. In fact I am more than ready to stay up and enjoy the night! Continue reading

Christmas Countdown Day #19 – My Favourite Christmas Memory!

Hello again! Today to change things up I thought I would share one of my favourite Christmas memories with you all! This story is all about how I tried to convince my parents Santa is real!

I was about quite young and I had picked up that my parents didn’t ‘believe’ in Santa. I was so convinced that I thought that maybe if I tricked them I could convince them too. The nights leading up to Christmas day I pestered the about: if they lay a sack out maybe Santa will come, it is worth a shot. They smiled about it to each other but eventually agreed to lay out their sack along with my brother and mine, to prove they were too old. Continue reading

Christmas Countdown Day #18 – Festive Spiced Pear Tart DIY

Welcome back! I would like to start off by apologising, I know I took yesterday off but I was just too tired and had to catch up on some sleep. But I am sure you all needed a brake from me as much as I needed one from myself! The day off did bring good though, it gave me time to research and prepare the perfect Spiced Pear Tart to do with left over shortcrust pastry!

I got this recipe from Tiny Sweet Tooth but made some slight alterations and I wanted to make smaller, minced pie style versions instead of one larger tart. Feel free to check out her proper recipe for the tart, but down below I will write the recipe for my slightly different version! Continue reading